Careers for Veterans

Financial Service Careers for Military Veterans - Military Veteran Careers - Exciting "Virtual" Work-From-Anywhere Financial Service Careers

The Easy Insurance Group is a military-veteran owned nationwide financial services firm. We recruit transitioning military, veterans and their family members for high-pay potential financial service careers. Just like the military, we have fast-track promotions that allow self-starters to quickly achieve management and even executive positions. Our Virtual Financial Agency Ownership plan are designed to be personally, professionally and financially rewarding. Now you have the opportunity to turn your drive for mission accomplishment into a career with residual and even inheritable income potential.

Replacing The Outdated Agency Model

Grow your own "virtual" financial services agency! Traditional agency ownership typically costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup and the owner is burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in monthly maintenance costs. Agency owners incur expenses for pay and benefits for support staff, office rental, utilities, various insurances, Information Technology support, office and sales management software rental fees, and a plethora of other expenses. Now there is a cutting edge new model that removes the traditional barriers to successful agency ownership.

Virtual Agency Advantages - Virtual Agency Advantages - Save Money and Time - Work From Anywhere

Our Virtual Agency ownership plan is less than $200 to start and less than $20 monthly to maintain. And, here is a partial listing of the benefits and support you will receive:

  • $80 Million Headquarters and Home Office
  • $20 Million Automation System
  • 300 Person Professional Support Staff
  • Advanced Marketing Systems
  • Advanced CRM Systems
  • Totally Virtual Business Model
  • Ultra Modern Government Approved Financial Services
  • Living Benefits
  • Guaranteed No Loss of Principal Indexed-Based Investing
  • FREE Financial Needs Analysis for Every Household
  • Fast Start Model for Rapid Market Expansion
  • Low Cost Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, Etc.
  • Comparison of Up to 16 Home and Auto Carriers
  • 200 Life Insurance Carriers
  • Only a Life Insurance License Needed to Start
  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Hundreds of Additional Benefits

Start Part-Time
Work From Anywhere

The majority of our most successful agents started part-time and quickly grew into nationwide superstars. Learn how starting with as little as 2 hours per day can radically change the rest of your life.

The Virtual Career Lifestyle - Military Veteran Careers - Exciting "Virtual" Work-From-Anywhere Financial Service Careers

Imagine working from anywhere while enjoying a highly compensated financial services career. What would it mean to you to never have to drive back and forth to work again? How much extra time would you have with your family and to do the things you love if you never had to deal with traffic or bad weather road conditions again? Would you like your business attire to be shorts and a comfortable shirt? Learn how the virtual career lifestyle, also known as the digital nomad lifestyle, is the wave of the future that you can enjoy NOW!

The Virtual Interview Process - Military Veteran Careers - Exciting "Virtual" Work-From-Anywhere Financial Service Careers

Our Virtual Interview system revolutionizes the career seeking and hiring process. Prospective agency owners simply watch two exciting videos to learn the details of our unprecedented opportunity. Then, one of our professional recruiters will complete your totally virtual interview by phone and internet. You will be amazed at our easygoing but extremely efficient "mutual discovery" hiring method. If you are motivated to go above and beyond the traditional office job, stop looking for the perfect opportunity because you just found it! 

Start Your New Career Journey Now!

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