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Everyone Needs Living Benefits!

Whether you are looking for a new career, to own your own business, or if you are a business owner that is looking to add a high income product line to your current offering you need to take a look at this opportunity. Everyone needs the revolutionary "Living Benefits" and wealth protection strategies provided by the top financial services companies that we represent. These cutting edge financial solutions are government approved and render older investment and insurance plans practically obsolete and unnecessarily risky in comparison. Here is a partial listing of the many benefits our plans offer:

  • Financial Protection for Loved Ones
  • Guaranteed Returns Between 3/4%-15%
  • Guaranteed No Loss of Principal 
  • A Long List of Tax Free Features 
  • Indexed-Based Returns
  • Living Benefits 
  • Much More

Fulfilling the Needs of the Modern Era

We have the new financial service products that everyone needs, but the majority of our nation has not yet been serviced. The outdated financial products that most people have force them to gamble their wealth in the risky investment markets. This often causes major losses for most investors like the $6.9 Trillion loss of wealth in the 2008 market crash; also, most people that do have insurance plans are underinsured and quite often are not insured for the most common risks that we all face.

Financial Solutions Crusade

These outdated investment and insurance plans have resulted in disaster for many households. Now the majority of people believe that they will never be able to retire comfortably. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies occur every year and millions of other people are recovering from previous bankruptcies often due to inadequate risk management and insurance plans. 

Cutting Edge Financial Products

Most individuals have the "old" inadequate insurance products that don't offer the right coverage for their needs. The vast majority of households are just one paycheck away from catastrophic financial situations, but they are still paying premiums for insurance plans that don't cover their main risks. We have the modern solutions to these problems; and, we are on a crusade to distribute these life-changing products throughout the nation.

Virtual Agency Model

We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals for our "virtual" financial services career and business ownership opportunities. Our totally digital work-from-anywhere environment provides a career experience that is far superior to the traditional office routine. Work-from-home and physically challenged professionals will find this to be an excellent career choice since there is never a need to drive anywhere. 

Entrepreneurs: Financial Services

Current business owners in any industry will find our "Financial Inviter" opportunities to be exceptionally lucrative. Rapid promotion and high residual income potential is what attracts success-oriented individuals to join our team. Those looking for part-time additional high income potential are also welcome. We build the financial services industry leaders of the future with an unprecedented virtual model designed for ultimate success today. 

Modules of Success

The financial services industry has not changed the way new associates are recruited, trained and put to work. New agents are expected to be immediate experts on every aspect of their position and compete against seasoned veteran professionals. This causes a high failure rate in not only the financial services industry but all sales and business ownership industries. What sets us apart from the rest is that we that we modularized the functions of a successful financial services representative or business owner into the following modules:

  • Financial Inviter: Client Acquisition - Marketing - Recruiting - Referrals
  • Financial Manager: Administration, Training and Management
  • Financial Consultant: Client Interviewing - Plan Preparation - Consulting and Sales

Our associates can delegate the financial consulting and sales to experienced professionals. Consequently, all clients receive expert financial consulting, while industry leading commissions are shared between those associated with each module. All of our associates can become extremely successful with just one of the modules initially and then grow into others as desired. We have a 24/7 "total immersion" world-class virtual training system that fuels the rapid advancement of knowledge, skills and abilities for our members.

Achieve Your Goals

We are interested in interviewing self-starters of all types. We want to help you achieve your professional goals and we have the advanced solutions to do so. While everyone can be successful with our system, here are a few career backgrounds that have proven to be an excellent fit for our "Virtual Agency Building" opportunity:

  • Transitioning Military, Veterans and Military Family Members
  • Insurance Salespeople, Managers and Agency Owners
  • Experienced Work-From-Home Professionals
  • Salespeople and Recruiters of All Types
  • Marketing Professionals of All Types 
  • Social Network Marketers
  • Experienced Managers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Branding Experts 
  • Entrepreneurs

Your "Virtual" Career?

Is a "virtual" career right for you? Are you willing to trade long commutes, office politics and unproductive meetings for total freedom and more time with your loved ones? We make this initial determination phase easy for all parties. 

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Review and then click on the info-graphic below below and check out all of the content on the follow-on site to discover why "going virtual" is the superior choice. It is important that you watch both videos therein and then provide your contact information where indicated. Shortly thereafter one of our professional recruiters will conduct the exciting and informative interview process totally via virtual means (phone and web). Click on the image below to begin.

Virtual Work-From-Anywhere Careers and Entrepreneurship Opportunities


Business Ownership

Nationwide Virtual Agency Builder System

If you are an entrepreneur and desire to own a  business with unprecedented nationwide growth potential we have exciting opportunities all across the nation to service the areas of your choosing. You can now easily afford to own a rock solid virtual financial services business that has the following benefits:

  • A Fully Staffed Management and Financial Consultant Team
  • Outstanding Residual and Inheritable Income Potential
  • A $20 Million Advanced Automation Platform
  • Ultra-Modern Products that Everyone Needs 
  • Totally Virtual Online Business Model
  • A 300 Person Administrative Staff
  • Advanced Marketing Systems
  • Advanced CRM System
  • Much More

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